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Delicious speaks for itself. From the moment the Rao family began creating authentic Italian pasta sauces served in Rao’s legendary New York restaurant, and later at Rao’s Las Vegas and Rao’s Los Angeles, creating a delicious sauce made from only the finest ingredients has been an obsession. Frank Pellegrino Sr. decided to take those magical sauces and put them into jars and launch the Rao’s Homemade® premium pasta sauce brand.



Rao’s products are now available in our Los Angeles restaurant and also throughout the United States and Canada, in most supermarkets, specialty stores, and gourmet shops. A Rao’s Customer Service Representative will have a list of store chains to assist customers with a specific location. 

Rao’s products can also be purchased on our website, Orders are shipped via UPS. There is information on the website about Rao’s products, the gift collection and a variety of recipes using Rao’s products.

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